We Are Dying The Slowest Death (unnamed3) wrote,
We Are Dying The Slowest Death

Hard TIme

So Last Night Was Ok I Had A Very Fun Time With My New Cute Friend..She tried to kill me with a pink pillow and blow people up with rockets...but i always feel like im boring so i do stupid stuff but oh well thats just me not fun at all.....so that part of the night was wonderful....the bad part is i went bowling last night with a bunch of people which was ok it was for my friends birthday but it was all her friends except one person who i know and is a great bowler...I became anti-social not cuz my friends is my ex and has a amazing new boyfriend..i have just became non-social lately..i dont mean to be rude but others see me as that which its all good i would proobably think the same...it doesnt mean i dont want to talk to u i just dont know what to say...u can always talk to me duh....jk..lol...but yeah i just sat in the back and watch everyone have a good fun time laughing and smiling and i was feeling i would never be happy like them once again...I lost a lot in this short life of mine and i will probably lose more...i tend to lose good friends and people that i really care for but i always bring this on myself so its no ones fault but my own...I tend to make myself unhappy and sad and its kinda hard when ur losing everyone around u and have nobody left u can really have a heart to heart talk to....Even if i had someone i still dont have anything to say..i was never good with words...
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