We Are Dying The Slowest Death (unnamed3) wrote,
We Are Dying The Slowest Death

We Are Dying THe Slowest Death

So I Have A 50/50 chance of moving away from arizona and start a new life in a new small town in a new state with new people. Im not saying this is a for sure thing because its not for a few months but it may happen.... Some people would say this is the stupidest thing that i might do for someone... and i say i dont fucking care...if people never took chances we would all be sitting at home everyday doing nothing but sitting in the dark alone.... Im not saying its not going to turn out for the best in which i really hope it does....

Im just saying i finally have a Chance to leave this hell hole and start over where ppl wont talk bad about me....well at least for a few months and everyone here will not have to worry about me or care for me...If I Do move i will miss the very few ppl that i do care for and love.....

Thats all i have for now more to come later....
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