We Are Dying The Slowest Death (unnamed3) wrote,
We Are Dying The Slowest Death

I Have A Theory

I Have A Theory That People Are Overly Nice And Talk to One Another But in reality They Only Want To Talk To people They Found Attractive...I Think This Is True Im Not saying Everyone Does this but most ppl do...I Dont I talk To Who Ever Will Talk To Me But Im Not Much Of A Talker So It Doesnt Last Long......People Need To Just Accept Everyone As They Are We Are All Different Looking and if U just Go For Looks I think Thats Kinda Shallow...But Thats Just How I feel.....I Dont Have many people But Im very Lucky To have the Friends I HAve....The Stupid Thing Is I Let People get To Me...I Hate being Hyper Sensitive..I Dont Want To Be Here Anymore..
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