We Are Dying The Slowest Death (unnamed3) wrote,
We Are Dying The Slowest Death


You Stab The Blade Into My Heart
The Blood Pours Out Of The Mark
Who The Hell Do You Think You Are
Your Words Hurt Me More Then Who You Were

You Never Thought It Would Come To This
But You left Me For The Rest
Were Like Little Robots On Request
Being Programed To Be A Mess

You Say Its My Fault That I Never understood A Part
That My Words Hurt You More Then My Car
So You Decide To Start A War
You Came At Me With All Your Might

You Cut Out My Heart And Throw It In The Trash Can
Why Did You Hate Me Just Cuz I Went On A Secornd Date
We should Of Had Fun While We Can
You Never Know When We Will End Up Dead

Buts Its To Late You Stabbed Me To My Fate
Hope You Have Fun With Your New Mate
My Feelings For You Will Always Be the Same
But I NEver Got To Say One Last Thing
That I Loved You Till The End
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